Green Jade Pixiu Bracelet
Green Jade Pixiu Bracelet
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Green Jade Pixiu Bracelet

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Our Jiomind energy bracelets are handmade in Canada  with genuine crystals on a high quality stretch cord. Wearing a bracelet carries the stones vibrational energy with you. A great wearable accessory with healing powers.

This is a very important stone, especially if you will be doing business, transacting with a client, closing a sale, or conducting any business deal that you want to have favorable results.

It will help you have a positive attitude towards money, and it will make you visualize yourself working, earning, and using money purposefully and creatively.

The prosperous energies of Jade will help you find the best course of action on matters that involve your finances and personal wealth.

Jade will support your financial growth and expansion. It will also promote new beginnings and give you the guidance that you need to be successful and wealthy. 

Product Details

Bead size:                   10 mm 

Bracelet Length:          22.5 mm

Gender            :           Unisex

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