Rosemary Essential Oil (10 ML)
Rosemary Essential Oil (10 ML)
Rosemary Essential Oil (10 ML)
Rosemary Essential Oil (10 ML)
Rosemary Essential Oil (10 ML)
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Rosemary Essential Oil (10 ML)

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Botanical Name : Rosmarinus officinalis
Common Name : Rosmarinus officinalis l. leaf oil, Rosemary essential oil
Rosemary essential oil to be used as Aromatherapy in Diffusers, Oil Burners, etc.

Size of the Bottle: 10 ml


This evergreen tree can grow up to 40 meters (130 feet) and has a flat crown. The bark is a reddish-brown that is deeply fissured with needle-like gray-green leaves.

Constituents & Specifications:
Rosemary oil has various chemical compounds that include Pinenes, camphene, limonene, cineol, borneal, camphor, linalol, terpineol, octanone and bornyl acetate

Benefits & Uses :
Rosemary oil is used for all variety respiratory problems colds, sinusitis, lung congestion and asthma. Traditionally used for healing skin problems, it is commonly added in preparations to help acne, eczema, over production of skin oil, dermatitis, etc.
It's used in many citrus colognes, forest and oriental perfumes and eau de cologne. Rinses for dark hair often contain rosemary, as do room deodorants, household sprays, disinfectants and soaps. It is also used in inhalation, bath and massage.
Rosemary has a very old reputation for improving memory, and has been used as a symbol for remembrance.

It helps eliminate negative energies and purifies your environment during rituals. Rosemary also helps bring cleansing and personal strength.

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