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• Dispatches from a small business in Canada
• Bracelet width: 8 Millimeters
• Materials: Gemstone
• Gemstone: Amethyst and Citrine
• Hand made item & can be personalized.

Wearing a Prosperity & success bracelet will give you the willpower and motivation to act and achieve success.
This 8mm gemstone stretch bracelet was designed to help manifest success.
This bracelet is cleansed and made with lots of love to provide you positivity and believe in yourself.
• The bestselling prosperity & success bracelets from Jiomind is handmade and energized to bring wealth into your life. This dual bracelet Amethyst & Citrine, the most powerful crystals for Prosperity & Success.
• Citrine is one of the most powerful manifestation gemstones. It brings abundance and stability to your finances. & help bring anything you want into your life.
• Amethyst brings good luck, prosperity, to its wearer. It is associated with the crown chakra it provides a window to your mind and spirit like no other gemstone.

Properties of the Gemstones.

💜 Associated with, optimism, success, power & happiness
💜 These stones eliminates negative energy to help you move forward in a positive manner
💜 It is the stone of manifestation
💜 Helps attract wealth and prosperity
💜 Helps to keeps a positive mindset with positive attitude
💜 Associated with strength, physical action, practicality balance, vitality
💜 Stay grounded in challenging times and helps in making changes
💜 Energizes oneself to carry forward, overcome discouragement, enhance motivation
💜 Associated with protection, cleansing, connection
💜 Clears energy fields of negativity
💜Shows how to think positive and avoid negative thoughts

• Each bracelet is made with positive, loving energy and good vibes .All bracelets are packaged in an organza bag
• Note that healing crystal meanings are used for inspiration and motivation purpose and not for any health related purpose..
• Sizes are actual wrist circumference Please MEASURE YOUR WRIST and order that size from drop down menu. (Available sizes in
inches: 6", 6.5", 7", 7.5", 8")

Processing time is 1-2 business days.

• Free shipping Canada

Note ::

Keep your gemstone bracelets away from water, perfumes and lotions. Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage metal or gemstones. Remember handmade bracelets are more delicate and require extra care.

It is important to note that crystals and stones are naturally formed by the earth and may vary slightly in colour or size from the picture in the listing. All stones are unique and may vary.

- Canada: Free shipment to Canada without Tracking
- USA & other countries: small packet, without Tracking

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