Copy of Rose Quartz Angel (3")
Copy of Rose Quartz Angel (3")
Copy of Rose Quartz Angel (3")
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Copy of Rose Quartz Angel (3")

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Rose Quartz Angel

Price is for 1 Crystal Angel

Hand crafted from Natural Gemstone Healing Crystals.
All of my crystals come cleansed and charged.
Sizes: 3 inches.

Powerful positive energy from Healing Crystal Angels helps in emotional healing and spiritual bonding.

Rose Quartz Gemstone is stone of love, self love, connection and relationships, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. Rose

Certain stones and crystals can be of great assistance in establishing angelic contact.
They can raise one's conscious awareness by raising the vibration frequency of one's physical self to come in tune with one's non-physical Higher Self. The higher one's consciousness is raised, the easier it becomes to establish communication with those residing at higher planes of consciousness, such as angels, guardians, and spirit guides.


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