Wealth and prosperity are a state of mind that can be attained by training the subconscious to welcome wealth with positive thinking rather than driving it away with negative messages.

Having a mindset that brings abundance into one's life is the key to knowing how to attract wealth. Follow these steps to learn how to attract wealth and begin living a financially secure life. Saying "yes" to new opportunities is a way to become more "attractive" to wealth of all kinds. Having an "attitude of gratitude" is a critical component in knowing how to attract wealth. Some of the Natural gemstones can help set a positive mind and bring positive thoughts whereby enhancing your luck to attract wealth in the form of finance, love, business etc. There are enough resources and opportunities in the world for everyone, including you. The Law of Attraction works indiscriminately.

  1. 1. Wallet: A Jade Polished Stone assures your wallet is always bulging
  2. Purse: Citrine and Bloodstone
  3. Money Box: Chunks of Pyrite
  4. Work Desk: Aventurine Balls keeps the paychecks rolling in.
  5. Place of Business:A Pyrite
  6. On your body as Jewelry: Jade Earrings, Citrine Necklaces and Bloodstone Bracelets