You need protection from all kinds of negative energies and bad influences. Negativities seems to be all around you: in your thoughts, external dangers, violence, evil entities, neighbours, colleagues and so on….Protection crystals help you escape these problems and situations. Crystals will allow your inner mind and thoughts to shine bright and keep you away from dark thoughts.

Crystals also provide psychic protection from negative entities. This will help if you have people in your life who are angry or wish you ill. Crystals can be of great help and aid to us. You can have them around your house, office or work space (many times a place filled with much negativity from coworkers or even the boss!)

protection necklace or bracelet allows you to keep a protective shield around you all day.

If you are beginning to feel someone else’s bad energy getting to you, step away from them to find a peaceful area, and reconnect with by touching your stone for protection with your hands.